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SEA mission embraces Sapphire's mission of providing emotional and material support to people in need. Our aim is to address the needs of contemporary society with a comprehensive and practical programme in order to improve employability of the most vulnerable and disadvantaged in the labour market.

By providing a centrally accessible service, customers are able to access IT facilities, free wifi, PC technical support, Job search facilities, accredited employment focused training and certification, access to jobs, access to free trainings, expert advise on debt, benefits, housing, health & wellbeing etc and 1:1 personal support. Through this type of delivery we are able to support the local and wider community make significant changes to their lives through employment and social and digital inclusion.

Programme will consist of: Life Sentence Employability Young Offenders Programme, Employability Support, Training, Recruitment, Education, Skills Development, Accreditation Courses, Workshops, Traineeships, Mentoring and Apprenticeships.

We are supporting all people of all ages who struggle with mental health issues to gain work and to build their confidence. Anxiety and many other disorders can sometimes be a limitation but at Sapphire, we show these young people how too many of their fears and how to use it as a fuel for strength and power. Through SEA, our people have access to adult mentoring, peer mentoring, volunteering opportunities, access to work, training and development workshops, field trips and inspirational speakers.

This programme involves mentoring and counselling; people will be assigned a 1 hour weekly session to work on a tailored career pathway for a young person. Growing up and figuring out what you want to do in life can be challenging for a young person; however at Sapphire we are tearing down those barriers and helping them to create a roadmap to destiny.

Work experience

Participants who show commitment to the programme will
get the opportunity to apply for PAID employment


Participants will learn practical tips during workshops to develop their confidence and get mentoring to support their next steps.

Employability skills

Participants will get the opportunity to meet local employers and understand how and where to look for opportunities, and the application process – including CVs, cover letters and mock interviews.

Entrepreneurial skills

Participants can take part in a social action project about a cause important to them


A Jobs & Careers Advisor supporting you all the way through your training, helping youdevelop and upskill so you can get a job of your dreams.

  • One-to-one mentoring
  • Ongoing information, advice, and guidance
  • Employability sessions where you get help with CV writing, interviewtechniques, communication skills, and employment rights and responsibilities
  • Clear milestones with regular reviews-Support to secure eitheremployment,apprenticeships or further education

Our SEA Programme

Our programme is designed to support all people of all ages and NEETs (Not inEducation, Employment or Training) and interested in cleaning, hospitality, events,construction, admin, customer service and warehouse. Through an employer-ledprogramme combining bespoke 1-2-1 coaching and group sessions, we aim to helpyoung people to discover careers best suited to their skills and interests and supportthem to make positive progression on their career journey.

Explore your career options

Through tailored 1-2-1 support your Sapphire Mentor will help you discover a career best suited to your skills and interests

Develop the skills employers want

From sorting out your CV to preparing for interviews we'll get you ready for career success

Gain essential onsite qualifications

Achieve a Level 1 Health & Safety qualification as well as preparing for your CSCS card test!

Work alongside construction professionals

Don't take it from us, take part in industry tasters and learn from those in the know--from practical onsite roles to office based careers

1-2-1 Support & Individual Action Plan

Each young person is partnered with a dedicated SEA coach A bespoke action plan is created in collaboration with the young person, aligned to their aims, interests and level of support needed.


The programme of support will look like this;

Week 1: Where are you now? Where do you want to be? How will you get there?
Week 2:Setting a goal, milestones, actions with GROW
Week 3: Developing your 'self' toolkit – self talk, professional reputation, overcoming self limiting barriers, developing resilience, overcoming barriers to employment
Week 4: Developing your 'skills' toolkit – asset bank of existing skills, transferable skills, developing new skills, adding value, competencies and behaviours for employment
Week 5: What are employers looking for? How can I match their requirements? How to research and understand what employers expect
Week 6: In person half way review, how is your plan going? Have you identified positive steps? Need to adjust your goal, plan, approach?
Week 7: Developing your CV and Linked In profile, producing professional and positive first impressions that make employers take notice and want to know more about you
Week 8: Industry focus on your ideas and interests, routes into your career, different ways to be employed, training, work experience, volunteering, jobs. How to progress into some competitive areas
Week 9: Interview skills, practice and gain confidence in talking confidently and with knowledge about the sector/organisation, the value you bring, your potential
Week 10: Building a professional network, take every opportunity to ask employers and industry contacts questions, attend relevant events, get yourself known and wanted

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