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Corporate Placements and Internships
Sapphire Employability and Wellbeing Academy

Job Placements and Internships

Utilising our network, we can facilitate job placements and internships for ' individuals seeking employment opportunities within your organisation. This will not only benefit the individuals but also provide your company with access to a diverse talent pool.

Mentorship and CareerGuidance

Join us to build a mentorship program where employees can volunteer to mentor individuals from our community, providing them with valuable career guidance and support.

Fundraising Events

Join us to organise fundraising events that raise awareness and funds for a cause that we both resonate with! Such as charity dinners, auctions or sponsored challenges.

In-Kind Donations

We kindly ask for your support in providing donations such as surplus food, linens, toiletries or other hospitality items which can directly benefit the individuals and families we serve.

Volunteering Opportunities

We hugely welcome your employees to volunteer with us to support our ' programs and events. This could involve participating in community service projects, career mentoring or assisting with fundraising activities

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Employability and Wellbeing Academy 020 3576 0290  
Housing Service 020 3576 2830

We Provide

Entry Administration
Hospitality Staff
Warehouse and Recycling Ops Staff
Front of House/Retail Staff

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