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About Our Agency

We are a UK Based BAME charity with over 2,000 workers seeking opportunities for our young people and single parents.

We have many workers and wanted to know if you are interested in partnering with the charity and no extra costs.

Our staff are trained and have great work experience. We can provide you with staff at no extra costs.

We would love to partner with you

We can provide great quality and reliable staff in the following areas:

1. Cleaners (Domestic, Housekeeps, Laundry Attendants, Commercial and Industrial)
2. Entry Administration Staff/Receptionists
3. Hospitality Staff (KP, Front of House, Events, Stewards, Waiters Bar Staff and Baristas)
4. Warehouse Staff
5. Front of House/Retail Staff

The Sapphire Employability Academy provides quality staff to meet your businesses needs and in doing so, help us as we tackle unemployment issues in the UK.

We can supply you with staff at no extra costs.

Why Work with Us

1. We are a registered charity that uses our agency to support our community centers to support vulnerable minority young people across London
2. It is free. Working with us will be at no extra costs to your company. We take our charges from our staff's salaries. We send an invoice to your company with staff's working hours.
3. We manage payroll, we cover emergency shifts and we help ensure all your operations are running successfully.
4. We have over 500 staff in our agency
5. 24/7 Support with free Human Resources
6. Overall working with us means you are giving back to support the local community

Contact Us

Employability and Wellbeing Academy 020 3576 0290  
Housing Service 020 3576 2830

We Provide

Entry Administration
Hospitality Staff
Warehouse and Recycling Ops Staff
Front of House/Retail Staff

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