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Inclusivity and Community

We were founded in 2015 as Sapphire Ministries and as of November 2017, we rebranded to the Sapphire Community Group to represent inclusivity and community.In 2022 we have now rebranded to The Sapphire Employability and Wellbeing Academy (TSEAWA) as we have moved on solely to supporting all BAME people of all ages with employability, housing, wellbeing and food support.TSEAWA was established to help young people access work and accredited training. Aiming to increase young people's independence, abilities and freedom to thrive, all while reducing unemployment, mental health issues, crime rates and homelessness.

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Supporting all BAME people of all ages with employability, housing, wellbeing and food support.

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Restore, Revive and Rebuild

We are an organisation that aims to restore, revive and rebuild a divided generation. We are an organisation that accepts everyone and encourages individuals to be their truest self. We work with all ages around the world and we instil the message of love but most of all worth it.

We have over 8 years of experience and till date we have worked with over 8000 young people and single parents till date, especially those from minority and disadvantaged backgrounds. Sapphire aims to equip young people to not only be the best version of themselves but to also inspire them to have a genuine insight of what they will like to pursue in the near future. More importantly, the community group is put in place to make a major contribution to those whose voice has been silenced and ensure that they understand and fulfil their purpose.

Empower and Stabilise

We are an organisation that seeks to empower and stabilise a segregated community. The sole purpose of Sapphire is to build people up. Moreover, to ensure that each individual finds what they are meant to do in life. Through mentoring, coaching, literature, entertainment, events and workshops; we aim to provide a platform and pathway for young people all over the world to find their calling. Additionally, we will attempt to help each individual believe that they can create a change for the extraordinary. We aim to teach and inspire individuals to believe in themselves and see their full potential.

We have multiple young people roaming the streets, because they believe that the world has given up on them or they believe that they do not have what it takes to create the impossible. So Sapphire is stepping in to give a voice to the voiceless. The Sapphire Employability and Wellbeing Academy (TSEAWA) is here to tell our young, that they are good enough! And that there is nothing they cannot achieve if they are willing to go the extra mile to achieve the unattainable today.

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